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If you've found yourself here, consider yourself a friend because that's how I'll think of you.

This place is a lot like me, random, not always planned out, but always honest. I always choose cadence over grammar, so if you're a grammar nazi, sorry for the annoyance! I'd like to think I'm an open book, but I also am often short and to the point. I also am a bit of a cynic at heart, but I've found grace to be the anecdote. :)

I come here because I like to write and I love my family, and this blog is a place where I can share both.Sometimes I write about people and places and moments that are dear to me. And sometimes I write about mornings  and potty training and floundering through motherhood.

You can find the quick version of where we've been right here. The long version is scattered here throughout the blog - one snippet at a time.

But.... to catch you up to speed - I'm Kelly. I'm 27 and married to the man of the house, Brian.

 Brian travels for work, and I stay on the home front to keep our life from getting too chaotic. And to make sure I don't go insane I blog and I opened up an Etsy shop a year ago which is also named Of Thistle & Thyme. I make wood burned botanical wall hangings - although lately the "botanical" part of that has branched out a bit. The short and sweet version of Brian and I is here, and I have a nice long "How We Met" story for your reading pleasure as well.

Photo by H Photography

Our two sweet charges are Rori (3) and Judah (1.5). Rori is quick as a whip and keeps me on my toes. And Judah is efficient in the word "no" and likes to steal his sister's baby dolls when they're "sleeping". We succeeded in having kids while we were young, and we hope to fill our home with several more.

We currently live in Arkansas and are coming up on this being the longest (19 months) place we've lived since we've been married (4.5 years). We spent a year in Texas, and almost two years in Michigan before moving here. Brian is originally from Michigan and I grew up south of the border in Mexico.

Now that you're all caught up on the basics and counted on the friend's list, roam around and enjoy this place - unless you know me in real life - then, please, just stop by. I always have coffee. :)

Oh, and if you find you need to get back to the main page, it's right here.

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