May 12, 2017

To Mothers...

It’s been said that what happens in cradles and kitchens will prove to be more effective than what happens in Congress. That the beginning of life shapes the whole life. And that a child guided until he is seven produces the man.

And who but us are the cradle rockers, the shapers, the guides that help traverse a way?

A position so primary all the while being evolutionary.

We are mothers – the raisers of generations.

Of men. Of women.

Of kings. Of rulers.

Of farmers.

Of future mothers.

Our place in time and history is that of cultivating the next generation. A generation of people who will one day care for the earth without us. The babes we rock, the toddlers we chase – these are the hands of tomorrow, and we are the shapers of them.

We guide their steps and teach them to walk – then we point out the way in which they should tread in the world. We guard them from high steps and harsh falls – then we impart to them all of which will harm them most in life. We teach them words and how to speak – then we pray their speech is full of wisdom, courage, and truth. We instruct them in kindness and sharing - then trust they will become good stewards of their status in society.

We are the keepers of their lives. The guardians. The gardeners who daily cultivate what will one day produce fruit. We work in patience, seeing what is, but always having a taste for what is to come. We say, “Here we are, but look at where we must go,” and so, gently, we correct our steps. We understand the grace of starting over. Of redirecting. In the wisdom of tiny moments, we build their life, always readjusting to what might better suite their growth.

What begins as the nurturing and nourishing of a body becomes a nurturing and nourishing of a soul. We tend to our infants in the darkness of night, speaking into their fears and saying, “Here I am.” Pointing always to the future of One who will say the same. We kiss their wounds and hug away tears to testify of a God who also binds our hurts and heals our sorrows. We feed and clothe them on hourly rotations – a promise of Provision. We build a trust in our goodness, so that they may one day recognize the only Good.

We are mighty forgers building the nations one child at a time. Having many come before us, we celebrate and thank them - all the while hoping to emulate them.

We build these homes and these lives, caring so deeply and letting go so freely.

We are mothers.

Beauty and strength grace our name.

So to this generation of women who have taken their place in history as the cultivators, growers, nurturers, and guides of the next generation – Happy Mother’s Day – you are doing a good work.


  1. Beautifully written Kelly! ❤

  2. Thanks Kelly! I needed this encouragement. I often get lost in my purpose as a mother and feel more like a task manager and crisis manager. I love the way you said this! Miss you guys!

  3. Not sure why I'm just now cluing into your blog, but I love this... specifically how our actions will shed light into His character...and praise Him for His grace in that! - Adrienne