June 23, 2016

Because this is how we roll...

Last week I took the kids out during nap time. We visited the new library and then took a walk down a familiar trail in the 90 degree weather. I let the older kids take off their clothes and play around in the nearby creek to cool off. 

Rori told me it was the best day of her life. 

Two days ago we went to visit our neighbors two hours past bedtime. The kids caught the 84 year old man push mowing his lawn and they couldn't help but run out and give him a hug. From there he sent us in to say hi to his wife, and after a fun little journey through her flower garden he took the kids out to catch lightening bugs for bedtime night lights.

Yesterday she stopped by with a vase of flowers and told me to bring the vase back anytime I needed new flowers for the house.

Today we spent all day at a friend's house. We arrived in the morning, coffee in hand, and headed out just after nap time with the kids' hands full of snacks. 

When we got back home, my sister watched the kids as I headed out for a quick errand and grabbed the mail. A realtor had sent us a postcard asking us how our house compared to the newest listing in the area. 

I smirked and snapped a picture and thought, "It compares just fine."

We're moving again. 

All our "outings" have been potential buyers scouting out our house. And that postcard - it's our home on the front. We're the newest listing.

I've spent a good portion of the last two weeks shuffling the kids out of the house for showings while Brian and I have been scouring listings in Dallas for what will be our fifth home. This will be our fourth out of state move and fittingly Brian is currently across the country buying what will be the tenth vehicle whose title we have owned.

You could say stability isn't necessarily our forte. 

It's a tough move that came fairly suddenly. And I can't say I'm not sad to leave.

The library, the walking trail, our sweet neighbors, and my kind friends... this house. It's another whole life we'll pack up and file away in our repertoire of lives lived. I find myself trying to savor a few sweet moments here and there amidst the chaos this move has brought.

It'll be a blink of the eye and I'll be settling in as the new girl once again.

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