April 6, 2016


I had forgotten how much I love newborns. I know it isn't everyone's favorite baby stage, but gosh, I love it. I love how squirmy and cuddly they are, their little wrinkles and soft baby skin, and that sweet newborn smell. 

With Emmett being our third, I'm not quite sure how many more we'll have, so this time around I've literally just sat on the couch every day and soaked in his newness and held him close.

I just love holding him, and I miss him when I'm up doing something else. I think I just know this time how fast it's going to go. How fast this little guy will soon be two and walking and talking. And I do look forward to that, but for now, I just want him to stay this tiny little being. 

I want him to keep that sweet smell and awkward jerks and his mini little clothes. (Especially when those little clothes are the softest, organic cotton gifted from Whole Parenting Goods. I swear Nell is the kindest person I have ever met.) I want his tiny fists and scrunchy feet to stay just the way they are. And I wish he could fit into little baby hats forever. 

I just love all the newborn-ness and I wish it would stay around just a little bit longer.  I'm sure in reality I couldn't live in an endless world of newborn, because, at some point I'd have to sleep again. But I sure feel like I just don't ever want to give this miniature person up. 

So stay small, little man. Stay small as long as you can. 

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