April 13, 2016

Life with three

I semi-expected three children to feel pretty crazy and a bit chaotic right off the bat. And instead we've just all gotten really good at taking naps - except for Rori who has never needed a nap in her life. 

While I definitely feel like there isn't enough of me to go around, there's a sense of calm that seems to have invaded the house. Because it doesn't really matter if the laundry and dishes are all done or if the floor has been swept - we're just going to roll with what got done, leave the rest for another time, and take a nap on the couch when we need to. 

I've come to learn that life as a mom is a lot about knowing when it's okay to have really low standards and when you need to kick your butt in gear and knock that bar up a notch or two. Newborns, sickness, and traveling husbands all warrant low expectations on how the days are going to go. And by low expectations, I mean not beating myself up at the end of the day or getting overly frustrated at what didn't get done. Lowering the expectations generally leaves me happier and my little charges happier as well. 

And speaking of the charges, the kids have done great with this new little person entering the family. They're both so in love with Emmett. Judah asks to hold him all the time, and Rori just loves to stare at him and tell me how pretty he is.

I've been trying to consciously spend more time with the two of them since it feels like my tone was an endless "no" from being nine months pregnant and now being in postpartum recovery. So the last few days I've been looking for ways to be more positive and say yes a bit more. Although I did tell Rori she couldn't have cookies and coffee for breakfast this morning. She's a girl after her momma's own heart. 

And then there's sweet little Emmett. That's just about all I can say about the little guy - he's just so sweet.

 And calm. He's very calm.

And maybe that's it. Maybe Emmett is the calm that has come to the house when I was expecting a little chaos instead.

 I'll take it.

I'll take all ten pounds of it.

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