March 11, 2016


I'm just trying to keep up with the status quo of being MIA around here. So much for getting out weekly baby bump posts these last three weeks!

We've got two weeks till this babe is due, so hopefully I'll find a moment to capture at least one more bump picture. I thought about it today, but this morning when I asked Brian how I looked, he replied with, "You look great. It looks like you're 9 months pregnant and nothing fits." 

Exactly the look I was going for. 

I'm giving him the benefit of doubt that his comment was more of a sympathy/I understand how you feel about all your clothes right now, but it did make me less motivated to opt for a baby bump photo shoot today. 

This week has been a "squeeze everything in before of the baby comes" kind of week. Brian finished up his last work trip and all our trees decided to come down while he was gone.

Well, just one did. But I do feel like all the most inopportune things tend to happen while he's gone. 

Our little friend the groundhog was also out and about, rearing is very large and unwelcomed head. 

Rori calls him The Hamster and I prefer to call him The Baby Bear. He is pretty much as big as a medium dog. And I just know that one day we will lose one of our children in his mammoth network of underground tunnels that has overtaken the yard. Brian was disappointed he missed the appearance since he'd like to do away with the big fellow once and for all.

Anyway.... enough about mundane landownership...

This week a few of my girl friends had a little dinner for a friend who just welcomed her third sweet little boy into the world. 

I made a coconut crepe cake for the occasion and can't believe crepe cakes have been missing from my life all these years. Seriously the best thing ever. Go look up crepe cakes on Pinterest and I guarantee you won't be able to resist making one and then eating the whole thing in one sitting. It made such a perfect sweet ending to a fun celebration with friends.

Since Brian is home for good for a few weeks now, today we decided to go out and celebrate this soon to be born little family member of ours.

We took the kids to get the royal treatment at the salon my sister works at.  She's so great at making it a special and fun experience for them! And now they'll be looking a lot less mangy when their sibling arrives. I kid... (But not really with how Judah's hair was looking pre-haircut.)

We wanted to do something fun for the kids to build up anticipation for the baby, so we took them to Build-A-Bear to make a teddy bear as a gift to their new sibling.

This is where not knowing the baby's gender made it a little less fun because "gender neutral" just isn't a thing anymore. 

But the kids still had a good time, and we picked out some soft white pajamas for the fuzzy guy to wear. 

They named him Happy, and gave him seven hearts to let the baby know it is well loved. And Happy is now sitting in the bassinet waiting for his new little friend. 

We also picked up some fabric while we were out, so Rori and I are going to make some bassinet sheets and a blanket this weekend. 

We are more than ready for this little one to come. And I'm more than ready to have at least some clothes that I fit into again. Having more than three shirts to choose from will feel so nice!

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