March 18, 2016

39 Weeks

I'm sitting here timing contractions thinking a 39 week baby bump post in appropriate just in case I don't get to make it to a 40 week post. I'm not entirely optimistic since this is the third time this week I've pulled out the timer to check in on how close contractions were coming. Such false hope.

But this little babe is guaranteed to come within the next two weeks, so optimism isn't all lost. It's been a daily discussion in our house on whether we'll be having a boy or girl join the family. Rori is still strongly rooted in the girl camp. Judah is oblivious to the realities of the discussion, but he adds his opinion based on which word he likes better that day. 

I asked Rori how she wants to find out if she has a brother or sister, and she said she wants to come in and see the baby and guess. I told her I'd help her out with a bow or a hat, and she liked that plan. Secondary to meeting the baby myself, I think that moment is one I'm looking forward to most. 

Looks like we're tracking in at an even 10 minutes, and just in case this is all a false alarm once again, I'm off to make some puppy chow and settle into a (hopefully) good movie with Brian to make myself feel better. 

(Also, sorry for the double post. Apparently my blogger app doesn't do a great job at actually sending posts live. So you're getting the below post a week late because I didn't catch it.)

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