February 17, 2016

All the material things

I have every intention of introducing our little house to you one little post at a time. Until then, all this house settling has me creating a wish list of things that I would love to have decorating our spaces, so I thought I'd share. 

Our main bathroom just had the counter top and sinks installed yesterday, and it's completeness is so tangible it has my fingers tingling. The faucets should be arriving today, and painting all the caulked edges in there is on the docket today as well. The last piece we need is a mirror (or mirrors) and I have my eyes set on something along the lines of this beauty times two.
I say along the lines, because if I were actually to buy two of them it would cost as much as our granite counter top - not incredibly practical or in the budget. But I'm confident I'll find something similar.

Our next to almost completed project is our mantle. It's sitting on our back porch waiting for a final coat of polyurethane as well as a friend to come over to help Brian install it. I can't tell you how many times I've browsed through the tapestries at Society 6 trying to land on something for above the mantle. Honestly, I think I'd buy one to put in every room if it wouldn't look weird for all our rooms had hanging tapestries. I've decided that having at least two in the house wouldn't be overkill. They have incredibly adorable prints for kids' rooms, and once we get settled on whether this babe is a boy or a girl and who will be sharing a room with whom, I have every intention of covering at least one child's wall with a large animal print. As for the mantle, I'm thinking along the lines of this one:

Or something a little more dramatic...

I think I mentioned once that Brian enjoys going to auctions. He hasn't been in quite a while, but he was tipped off to an online auction site that auctions off returned and opened box items from retailers. It's a terrible trap to get into, BUT we have gotten a few gems from the site including this bed for a mere twelve dollars. 

I've been wanting a canopy bed for some time, and while the one I actually want is way out of our price range, I stumbled across this one on the auction site and decided it would do for now. Once we got it set up, I realized it was a bit more industrial then I had thought. But for $12 I'm not going to complain, nor will I feel bad getting rid of it if we ever find something else. 

I do, however, think this little bench from Wayfair would be the perfect piece to have sitting at the foot of the bed. It would help calm down the industrial feel and it goes pretty perfectly with the rocking chair already sitting in the corner of our bedroom.

Also for our bedroom, I'm loving the idea of having this simple bassinet set up. It converts to a toy box once the baby outgrows it. How convenient is that?

We won't be setting up a nursery for this little babe since, as I mentioned before, we're going to wait until we find our whether we have a little man or little lady and arrange the rooms accordingly. The baby will still be in our room for a few months, so the bassinet is at least a practical choice. I try very hard to be practical. 

Both kids are currently using our two cribs, which obviously will need to change eventually. I stumbled across a few of these cute little house beds on Pinterest and sent the plans to Brian to see what he thought. I think we'll be making one for Rori and one for Judah and let the babe have its pick of which crib it prefers. ;)

Thanks for indulging me on the all my wants and very few needs. I always enjoy reading posts on things that have caught someone's eye or products they enjoy, so I thought I'd share a few of mine. 

And as soon as this bathroom is done, it will probably be the first part of the house I share about since it has been such a long time coming!  Gah! 

 But hooray for counter tops, right?

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  1. I love your style Kelly. That bed is amazing- $12? And I've seen those house frame beds online, I think they are so cute.