February 19, 2016

32 weeks on a 35 week post

I hit 35 weeks this week, but I thought I'd share a glimpse of week 32 instead. 

I go to a mom's group (similar in some respects to MOPS) and one of the girls in my particular small group this year is a photographer. Trang just opened up her studio and one of the things she wants to specialize in is a "mom's night out" of sorts. Her idea is to get women to have a fun night out with their friends, get pampered, and go home with some quality pictures of themselves, which let's admit, is a rare thing for any mom. 

Well, as you would have it, Trang offered a session to our little group free of charge to kind of help get the ball rolling. She was hoping to have a cosmetologist/hair stylist to work with, which would be the "pampering" part of the deal, and I quickly offered up my sister's services who just so happened to be looking for a photographer to work with - what a coincidence. 

And conveniently, the rest of us just reaped the benefits of it all. We brought snacks and drinks to share and enjoyed an evening off in good company getting our hair done and our pictures taken. What more could you ask for?

Me and the beautiful sister
I showed up slightly late, mostly due to the fact that I decided to make macaroons and they are fairly time consuming - but amazing! As my sister and I were setting our things down and settling in, Trang walked up with a hanger in her hand and very enthusiastically asked if I would wear the lace crop top that she was holding. 

I laughed and said, "Yeah, I'll go put that right on."

To which Trang replied, "Oh, really?! I thought you were being sarcastic."

Me: "I was being sarcastic..."
        "Trang, I'm pregnant, and that is a crop top."

Trang: "Yeah! I know. I have a tutu to go with it!"

Me: confused stare wondering how that could make it better

Trang: "I promise, the pictures won't go on Facebook. I had this photo shoot all set up with a friend who was pregnant, but she had her baby early. And I really want someone to try the outfit."

Me:  "Yeah, I just really don't get into the whole bare belly pregnancy thing..."

Mean while I'm pretty sure my sister was trying not to die of laughter knowing just how much I don't get into the whole bare belly thing. Not wanting to sound like too much of a downer, I told her I'd think about it, and we all went along our merry way talking, eating, and being photographed.
And Trang did a beautiful job capturing our little group. The whole idea of a night out with friends for pictures is pretty brilliant and a ton of fun. And Trang was a trooper. We were there for 5 hours just hanging out and talking while she snapped away.

And seeing as how she was so generous, I couldn't help but give a little as well.
So, Trang got the pregnancy photo shoot she was wanting.
32 Weeks

And I have to admit, for everything I envisioned when she first said crop top and tutu, this was definitely the best case scenario. 


  1. Oh my word Kelly! You are so beautiful. I love the crop top and tutu. You totally work it.

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