January 24, 2016

Starting over in January

Rori and Judah somewhat got the shaft of the deal this fall when it came to the house, job transition, and ailing pregnancy. They were hustled along in all the mess, and I feel like we're just now back on normal ground - interacting instead of managing, intentionally playing instead of throwing them to their toys, and we're actually getting out to see the world every once in a while.

Clearly they've been so harmed by the apparent neglect.


We did get out to the children's museum, compliments of a great Christmas gift, and in some ways I felt like I was being introduced to my children again. I forget that they're growing and evolving little humans, that they change, or that their perspectives widen. And after months of subsisting through life, this little museum adventure allowed me to meet the toddlers who had grown into little kids over the course of the fall. 

 I realized it when we rounded that first corner and Judah encountered his first "real" dinosaur. It's one thing to pretend you're a dinosaur every night when you get your pj's on, it's another thing to run up and roar at the first life size dinosaur you've ever seen. 

He second guessed himself moments later but eventually came back around to marvel at the monstrous creature. It was like he had met his hero.

And Rori has become such a little student of her world. Her focus and ability to grasp cause and effect is intriguing. Her lack of creative talent or artistic ability in any sense of the word is equally amusing. She missed those genes somehow, and in a drastic way, I'm afraid.

 But peering in through the looking glass I saw her sweet little self and inquisitive mind. And we've since sat down and I've shown her how to draw pictures and color. She still doesn't get it, but we're giving it a good go.

My little man Judah and I got to run through a little experiment that involved crushing candy with a hammer. He was in heaven. And he kept me on my toes a time or two in promptly responding to the instructions I was reading aloud to myself.

 Flasks of hot water shouldn't be shaken without lids, Judah. And when did you start paying attention to the things I say...

It was a fun day to see the kids explore and have a change of scenery for once. My brother and sister, who are now living a mere 30 minutes away, came and joined us. I happily allowed them to climb the fake trees and splash in the water tumblers while my pregnant self watched from the sidelines.

 We ended the day shopping and eating at a perfectly plastic Grocer/Deli. The kids picked out all the correct grocery items (save the bread), and Rori perfectly made me a BLT in the exact way I had made hers only two days earlier.

These little people are such a gift. They're so much fun, and I feel like the last few weeks have been so good for us. 

 I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions - anytime I've ever written them out, they've gone neglected. But I will say that in some ways I always internally resolve to do things and try to take advantage of new beginnings. And the New Year is always an opportunity for a fresh start. It's a moment given where you can tailor your course, or reinstate something you felt you'd lost. And that's what January has been for me - reconnecting with the kids, taking care of the house a little more, reading books....

It's been a good re-start, and I hope my little charges agree.

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