January 19, 2016

Rori: 4 years old

 I couldn't tell you how many times she's used the "but I'm four" card this past week. As if being four opens a whole new world of abilities and possibilities. She's a goofy, smart kid and such a bright spot in our lives. She loves dresses and comfy cozy pants, and never understands why it's necessary to do her hair. She can't draw to save her life but has somehow managed to learn to write a fair amount of letters all by herself. She doesn't name her baby dolls but feels as though her and Judah deserve an equal say in what name Brian and I choose for this new baby. She's incredibly literal and realistic when it comes to figuring out life, but she's also intuitive and good at reading the atmosphere and people around her - a perfect mix of her dad and I. 

She's been the best four years. and such an incredible gift. 

We love you, sweet girl. 

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