August 1, 2015

July 31

July 31st and we're still comfortably cozied up in our rental home. Brian and I had planned on this being moving week knowing a few rooms would still be under construction and we were just going to make do. But then our fridge didn't fit due to an uneven wall and getting a water filtration system is lagging a little longer than we had hoped, and the one usable bathroom in the house is being painted. And then the living room isn't exactly ready for a couch and coffee table either.

The good news would be that the gaping  hole in our outer wall has been somewhat resolved. 

It's actually already dry walled and there's a window sitting where that big sheet of wood is. The window didn't turn out exactly how we had planned - it looks like a set of three awkwardly spaced windows instead of one nice bay window, so that's all in the process of being resolved. BUT! the room is already being painted and Brian can start laying the sub floors soon after. After the wall was closed in we realized that room was still smelling (don't ever allow cats in your house, they will destroy it. bleh.), so we're taking some extra careful measures when it comes to the rest of the work that needs to be done. 

I may have said this before, but when we initially bought the house I seriously thought we only needed to replace the floors, give it a good scrubbing and and paint and fix a few leaking ceiling issues and it would be pretty much good to go. So if you think taking replacing an entire outside wall is a little over the top - to the delight of Brian, it was necessary. That section of the wall had at one point been a garage door, and when it was walled in with an uglifying wall partition, it wasn't done correctly and water was flooding into the room every time it rained. Also there was a gigantic shattered window we would have had to replace anyway, as well as that little partition is where a beam with termites was found (the ONLY place they were found). And did I mention it was ugly? It was. So we wrapped all those problems into one easy solution of a bay window - which we obviously did not DIY. :)

The kids' room is getting a closet and a door knob hopefully today and then we'll be able to call it good (other than the obvious extra carpet sitting in there). The bedrooms actually are the one thing that is giving me hope the rest of the house will eventually come together. They're livable and don't smell and are a very pleasant part of the house to be in. 

And the kitchen  - it's almost there. 

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