June 18, 2015

We bought a jungle - safari animals not included

I think I might have mentioned way back in  March that we were gearing up for our house to be a revolving door. I'm pretty sure the last time I legitimately posted on here was in March as well - maybe I squeezed a post in in April. Between the two of us, Brian and I took a total of 8 trips out of state in April and May. Somehow it ended up being pretty seamless, most likely due to us already being adjusted to Brian's travel schedule. Nonetheless, I'm fairly content knowing the rest of summer is void of plans.

Our last little trip in May was actually very exciting. Brian's sister got married! It was a beautiful wedding, and I wish I had posted about it sooner. I have every intention of blogging all the Instagram ready pictures I took. :) Somehow I managed to grab a few gems of the kids seeing as Judah went home with the babysitter (my sister!) before dinner even started, and Rori only made it through the first dance before she too was sent home. All in all though, it was a great wedding.

And for the first time, possibly ever, we got a functional family picture.

In other exciting news, I'll just casually throw it out there that we bought our first house this week. That diamond in the rough I mentioned many months ago finally became available. And now it's ours. 

Yesterday our county was issued severe weather warnings for a storm that was supposed to blow through last night. Random developing tornadoes that were going to be undetectable on radar and record flooding - Brian and I joked that we were going to own our house for an entire day before it was destroyed by falling trees. I actually don't know how the storm panned out - apparently I slept through it. Thankfully I already snapped a happy little picture of the place just in case we indeed find a tree smashed through the front of it today. (Hopefully I don't eat my words on that one.)

About half the property has turned into its own little jungle (not pictured), and every contractor we've had out has added their two cents about what else might need some extra TLC. We might be in for a steep learning curve, but we're excited and completely content with this little place. We're hoping to have it livable and move-in ready within a month. After tearing up the floors, I'm a little apprehensive about that timeline. Because while renovating in a months time might be doable, I haven't quite wrapped my head around the packing and moving and unpacking part of the deal. 

I'll be pulling down boxes from the attic in a few short minutes. 

Wish me godspeed. 

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