March 23, 2015

Waiting on time

Since I just typed out a whole, beautiful post on the tragedy of Brian's canceled flight = me home alone with the kids for a full week + tack on this weeks work trip that will send him out the door as soon as he walks in, I thought I would  at least hit publish on something. Which is this post - brand spanking new with the same recycled popcorn picture. 

Brian was out of town this weekend because family members lost their week old baby girl who was born before she was ready. And while they do the devastating work of grieving this huge lost, they also are fighting for their little girl's twin brother who is still with them. Their babies were born a day shy of 23 weeks, and it's been a heart wrenching story to watch unfold. I don't know a moment that I haven't been praying for them these past 10 days. 

So while I'd like to complain about solo parenting for a week that will most likely turn into longer, it just wouldn't really be fitting. 

Doug and Abbey covet  your prayers for their little baby, Christian. You can read more about their story here on their Go Fund Me page.


  1. That's terribly sad - I will check out their page!
    I know that being a stay at home mom can be the lonliest place in the world and then also the most "hands on" I need me time place in the world. I understand how it feels having a husband gone for long amounts of time - it isn't easy. I feel for you. The only thing that I guess I enjoy doing during those long stints is 1. finding a good show and watching like 10 episodes in one day 2. organizing 3. drinking about 6 cups of herbal tea at night and finishing a good book
    Doesn't take the place of a love though.
    I'm just now learning after about 9 years of lonliness (just never had a community really since having our kids) that God has to be my refuge - my best friend. It's not my choice to be alone, but in being alone I can still grow.
    Love to you

    1. Thank you, Alyssa. I love your blog because it resonates so well with me and the way life ebbs and flows in motherhood.