March 1, 2015

Ugly dresses, food poisoning, and poop jokes

  Well, February went out with a dismal bang. Brian arrived home at a healthy hour on Friday afternoon which was so much more pleasant than his normal midnight arrival time. Although I was sad he wasn't home in time to debate colors on that ugly dress before all the "scientific" reasoning for it came out. It took all the fun out of it to just sit here by myself wondering if it really was white and gold with no one to argue against. I mean, the ultimate thrill of the thing was to be sitting next to someone and both see different colors at the same exact time. I feel like I've missed out on 2015's most riveting discussion.

  Failure of 2015 aside, Brian got home Friday and just a few hours later, I was out of commission with what I've chalked up to be food poisoning. I'm the best welcome home gift giver evvvver. Poor Brian. This afternoon is the first time I've been up and legitimately out of bed all weekend. It's been the worst. And sweet Brian has taken it all in stride going grocery shopping and taking care of the kids and what not. He even braved the un-plowed streets to take everyone to church, so I could once again sleep the day away.

It's safe to say he's probably thankful to finally get the chance to rest up from his trip. He's a true saint.

Keeping me company while I nurse my afternoon cup of coffee is Sleeping Beauty's counter persona. And I thought we named her Aurora in good faith. 

 I wish she were a better napper. Or a napper at all. 

  I mean, I love her and her company. She's been keeping my wildly entertained with her new found love for poop jokes. I have no idea where it's come from, but poop jokes are abundant and abounding around here. 

"Oh mom, your face kind of looks like poop." 

"No, it doesn't."

"Well you kind of smell like poop. Let's rub our hands in poop. Ewwwwww! hahahahhahahhah."

 I do remind her often that her version of poop jokes are mildly  inappropriate. I also entertained them enough to send a video of her rambling off her little jokes to my brother and his wife who are stationed in Texas. He replied with, "I think we'll get along great..."

 Your military officers at their finest, folks. 

 Poop jokes aside....I can't ever complain about Rori's company. She's a gem. A gem who will drink hot chocolate just so she can have a side of marshmallows - and then ask if she can have ice cream for dinner. 

  And with that I wish you all happy winter wonderlands while I wish myself to never ever get food poisoning again. 

  Also, may spring be upon us soon. 




  1. my daughter calls her dad poop sometimes too... it's kind of an obsession at this age :) and i understand you, napping time becomes the only me-time, that's why i always remember her that naps are healthy for the 2 of us!

    1. Ha! Yes. I am convinced sometimes naps are really just for the mothers!

  2. I mean, poop IS kind of fun to chat about. Rori looks SO much like you!

    1. She does! There are moments when I look at her and feel like I'm staring at the real live version of pictures from when I was a little girl.