February 26, 2015

Growing Pains

I'm getting better at this whole husband traveling thing. It's only taken me 18 months, but I've come to not totally dread the weeks Brian are gone. 

I've learned to step up my game a bit when he leaves - do extra fun things with the kids, bake more, clean more, work on the Etsy shop. It's along the same lines of when I realized if I couldn't keep the house clean with two kids there was no way I would be able to keep it clean with 4 or 5 kids, and I had  to get my butt in gear. The same thought went for Brian being gone - I just needed to start kicking my butt into gear because moping wasn't really cutting it. 

Growing pains for my adult life.

So while it takes extra effort to not get mad or have a pity party when the kids are up all night, in the end I'm a much happier person. I'm learning to take the punches as they come - I mean after all, this is motherhood, and I signed up for it. It's funny how easy it is to make ourselves out to be martyrs (used extremely loosely given recent current events) when this is something we wanted. 

So buck up, Kelly. 

And bucked up I have. 

Tonight I let Rori stay up an hour past her bedtime so we could do a puzzle together. Her insecurity always seems to heighten when Brian is gone, and extra attention goes a long way for her.

And it's so very much worth it to lose an hour of time by myself and go to bed content about the day than to nag the kids through bedtime and later wish I had done it differently. Contentment is always worth whatever price you have to pay. 

You can stop and smell the roses when you're content, because there's nowhere else you need to be. You're happy exactly where you are. 

And smelling those roses always turns out to be the best little moments in life. 

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