February 3, 2015


PLAYING; Hide and seek with Judah every morning. 

BASKING: In all my time with this girl. 
 "You're my mom and my friend." - every day. 

ENTHRALLED: With Thomas Merton and this book in particular. It's as if he affirms and explains every thought and criticism I've had about faith and Christian culture.

 Excited: About my Valentine project for the Etsy shop. 

WANTING: To recreate this cute contraption for my plants that are still alive. Found it through @tweetpotatopie on Instagram.

(semi)ANNOYED: That Judah manages to find the dustpan and beats me to the pile evvveeeery time. 
He's SO proud of himself though - SO proud.

STUCK: On my Civil Wars Pandora station even though Brian turns it off when he gets home because it's "depressing without seeming depressing". 
But it's so good...

LOVING: This guy - who fills my phone with selfies, my messages with emojis, and my conversations with laughter. 

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