January 21, 2015

Quips a la Rori

Some days I feel like blogging but can't quite come up with something coherent to blog about. 
And occasionally on those days a little gem comes floating out of nowhere, and I suddenly know exactly what I can blog about. 

Today that little bit of inspiration came from Rori's attempt to stall nap time. I took the bait and took it hard, because..... well, you'll see. 

Once again, I give you Quips a la Rori.

Rori: Hey Mom, I want you to be like a mom like Hannah. 
Me: Yeah? Like Aunt Hannah?
Rori: yeah.
Me: And how do you want me to be like Aunt Hannah?
Rori: Well....you could be good like Aunt Hannah.

Me: Yeah? And what else?
Rori: Well you could have different hair like Hannah.
Me: yeah?
Rori: Yeah, and you could wear pink clothes. 
Me: Yeah. You want me to wear pink clothes like Aunt Hannah does?

Rori: Yeah. 
Rori: And you could be good like Hannah. 
Me: Well how can I be good like Aunt Hannah?

Rori: I don't know. Maybe a shower would help.


If you'd like to go meet my wonderful sister in law Hannah, who is clearly winning at life, her blog is right here.


  1. Omgsh. If my son could talk this much, he'd have the same to say about me. ;)

    1. Wouldn't all kids say that about their mothers?! Ha! Except for maybe Hannah's kids!

    2. I think she has higher expectations of me than my own kids do ;)

  2. so sweet... if dressing up in pink changes the world, you should...

    1. Mirari, if changing the world was as easy as wearing pink I would be there in a heart beat! ;)