January 2, 2015


I can tell my favorite years of Christmas are just beginning. The years where I get to be the one to wrap the presents and place them under the tree. The Christmases where I get both the joy of giving to my little ones and the rare gift of time with family. 

I'm coming into the years filled with special moments. Floor puzzles and games and hot chocolate, over indulgent gits from aunts and uncles, and magical time spent with grandmas and grandpas. 

It's that time life where all our families delight in having little children around again. Where they seem to light up the room and bring back that spark of Christmas. A spark that dulled a bit once all us kids entered college and Christmas  became a little less magical.

Whether it's running to give Santa a big welcome hug or  telling a great grandmother how much she's been missed,

it's all those moments I watch our families that have been so dear to us collide with what is now our little family that my heart fills with gratitude.

                                     It's those little moments that make a holiday for me. 

And it'll grow as more and more little ones are introduced into our families, as more aunts and uncles are welcomed in, and as we treasure this time with family more with each passing year.  

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