January 9, 2015


I don't mean to be redundant about the phone pictures or the morning posts, but here I go again. 

This is was Judah and I at six am this morning.

 Not generally my cup of tea, but I'll admit I saw it coming, and I had mildly prepared for it. Rori helped by giving me a heart attack at the early hour of four when I woke up to our entryway light on and shining brightly. At the time we had no idea how it had been turned on, and I made Brian comb over the entire house looking for..... hopefully no one. After that I couldn't sleep, and I knew Judah would be waking up at any moment since I put him to bed at four the day before and he slept right through dinner and into the night. So I had semi pre-planned for his early morning breakfast. 

And two hours after the light incident he woke up beautifully on cue.

Oddly, Rori woke up not too long after, and we all had a great little time chatting it up until the little man realized it was a bit too early and started having a melt down. After he went back to bed I casually interrogated Rori about the light situation. I borrowed some skills from my White Collar watching days and mentioned the light with a few details left out.
 I wanted to be really sure she did it, 
otherwise we would be scouring the house for a third time before Brian left for work. 

And I wasn't disappointed. 
She new exactly which light had been turned and claimed she woke up and couldn't see. 
Needless to say I gave her the biggest eye roll of my life.

And now Daniel Tiger is playing, Judah is sleeping, and I'm on my third cup of coffee and toasting to what would be a normal wake up time for all of us.  

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  1. my little Finn and Tristan are obsessed with Daniel Tiger right now - that little red sweatered fella has saved my life many mornings here recently. Finn also has been turning on lights early in the morning - little devils.