January 19, 2015

But I'll love you just the same

We had a fun little birthday party over the weekend for Rori and one of her little buds since their birthdays are only two weeks apart.  Dual birthday parties are the way to go - especially for my little miss who doesn't really love being the center of attention but has been talking about having a birthday party for a solid 9 months. An hour before the party she randomly confirmed that she wouldn't cry when everyone sang happy birthday. 
 Glad that one was decided early. 

And when I was tucking her in to bed that night and talking about the party with her, she proudly boasted that she "didn't even run away."  Those were her words. 

I hadn't even realized that was on the table - way to refrain and blow out those candles, Ror.

...even if you had to hold my hand while you did it. 

"What's cute at 3 won't be at a 13." I'm told.  I don't know though. Holding hands with mom is pretty heart warming. 


...what I really meant to bring to the lime light was this little blurry camera phone gem I found while perusing through pictures. 

Because - he knows. 

He knows. 

He knows he's not supposed to be in that picture. Third wheeling it unashamed and  unmoving. 

The awkwardness of this picture kills me, and I've been laughing at it all night. It's the perfect capture of "wants-to-be-included" meets "get-lost-kid-she's-mine" meets "I-can't-believe-this-is-happening....". 

Oh Judah.
 May this not be a foresight into your future. 

But I'll love you just the same if it is.

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