January 28, 2015

baby haircuts

Baby haircuts are the saddest. 
Brian's been asking me to cut Judah's hair for quite some time now. 
But once those little baby curls are cut, it's pretty much over. 

That sweet little babe suddenly looks a whole lot like a toddler, and you just can't get that baby look back. 

So, I held off as long as I could. 
But this week even I had to admit that Judah's hair was starting to look like it was from the crazy house.

So those sweet baby curls had to go. 

Today was day one and I'm already missing them.
I might as well pack him a lunch and send him off to school with a little backpack. 
Oh, how quick these babies grow.

1 comment:

  1. they say hair grow thicker after the first haircut... we did it with our daughter and well, it's sad but hair grows again, maybe still with curls :)