January 5, 2015


 I'm not much of a resolution maker. I'm not really a planner, I generally don't live by a schedule, and  I don't make goals. I don't pick a word for each new year, and I never chose a word to focus on for either of my labors. I'd be way better off looking back on a year and deciding which word fit it best than attempting to choose a word in advance. Although I have always been a little drawn to the word idea.

 I'm more of a visionary which really doesn't fall too far from resolutions or goals - just a different form of them really. I think it allows for a bit more creativity and impulsiveness along the way. It's a little bit more forgiving and lacks what I feel are soul killing progress reports.

Sometimes I feel like resolutions are always pushing towards becoming a better person or improving what was lacking the year before. And I'm all for self improvement, but sometimes I just want to be content in who I am now - to let the anxiety and angst of who I'm not just rest for a while.

So, 2015 - I'm hoping it looks something like this:

I'm hoping to dig into a few more books this year. Brian found quite a few of my favorite authors at a used book store last year, and over Christmas I found a box from college that had other books I've been looking for every since that box went missing. I hope to make Thomas Merton, St Augustine, and Henry Nouwen my companions for the year.

I also see myself writing a potential book I mentioned once.  I don't really think I'd pursue publishing, but it's a good story so I'm just going to write it.

I've also had child number three on my heart for some time. A long time actually. I'm hoping this year we can start a home study and hopefully have the blessing of welcoming another little one into our home.

I haven't really given the Etsy shop a whole lot of thought. Wood burning has taken a toll on my wrist - enough so that it hurts to pour a cup of coffee. I was hoping the holiday break would remedy that, but it hasn't. So I'm going to let it go for now.

I'd like to start running again. It's been six years - eek. I'm hoping it will help boost my energy level and build back some muscle Celiac seemed to have eaten away at. Still on the fence since it might be difficult to keep a routine with Brian traveling, but I'm pretty  hopefully about this one.

I suppose if I were going to choose a word for this year it would be rest. I'm hoping to rest this year. To just be. To calm my heart and soul and rest in the God who is. To find contentment there and not strive after anything. That alone should make 2015 a great year.

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