December 18, 2014


I've been exceptionally winning at life lately.

Making great choices like sitting in my pajamas with a warmed up second cup of coffee and blogging since obviously there's only a mountain of other things to do. Sesame Street was supposed to be my one hour to conquer it all, and I took the path more often traveled. You might think I'm exaggerating, but Brian did jump in bed the other night and say, "You smell good. Did you shower today?"

Like I said - w'ere clearly winning over here. Lucky for him I laughed at that backhanded compliment of his.

 Actually, I'd like to think I've just been putting my showering energy elsewhere, and we've been making a go of the itty bitty three week gap of the Christmas season. For starters, Rori got to meet Santa for the first time in her little life, so that has to be a win in someone's book. And  probably a fail in someone else's...

She told me she wanted a piano for Christmas but thought that Santa probably wouldn't bring her one. She's taking after her mother in perfect stride. Pessimism at it's finest. 
Thankfully I've learned a thing or two, and that little girl is going to be pleasantly surprised come Christmas morning.

Surprisingly, we've strayed from our status quo of being a hermit family and managed to enjoy quite a few festivities. Cashing in practicality for some family fun has proven to be a great trade off. 

There's been plenty of fun at home too. Sometimes I still marvel that these two spend as much time together as they do. I found myself a bit under the weather a week or two ago, and their camaraderie was a life saver. Yes, please just jump on the bed for hours while I sit here and watch.

We've had a few late nights that the kids have taken like champs - a Christmas train with friends and the Christmas celebration at church to name a few. 
We showed up at church and had no idea Rori had been practicing to be an angle in the kid's Christmas program.

After yelling, "Hi, mom and dad." through the first half, she noticed the bongo drums in front of her and decided to play them for the remainder of the show. They say confidence is the key to getting away with anything, and they would be right. She did a pretty phenomenal job of acting like that was exactly what she was supposed to be doing. I guess there are few traits she's inherited from her father.

And as much as I love telling you tales of our meagher life (see what I did there), there are other things calling my name - like getting dressed for starters. 
I hope to blog through the holiday festivities, but I'm a realist. You can just be pleasantly surprised if a post shows up.

Merry Christmas and happy last minute shopping.

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  1. I'm also a pessimist - best not to get your hopes up. Cutest picture ever of Rori on Santa's lap , that's just precious.