December 4, 2014

...and then December came

 ...and just like that I skipped half of November.

I had some great posts in the making (of my mind) to finish out the November list - obviously meant for another time.

Reality is we spent last week in Michigan, and I didn't bring the camera or my computer. We had a great time with family even though the trip was brief - we even managed to fit in an engagement celebration amid all the Thanksgiving fun. The trip did happen to take quite a toll on the kids though. It was enough to where Brian suggested we cut the Christmas festivities short.

Please, no.

I did want to post about last week, but Brian has been out of town all this week and you know how that goes...

Rori took a few days to adjust back to normal life. Thankfully she's incredibly logical and honest and will just straight up tell me she's whiny and tired and needs to go lay down.  
It's the best kind of grumpy I could ask for. 

Judah has been a gem and has slept in till 8:30 or later every morning. He's welcome to keep that stunt up for the rest of forever. 

I really don't love manning the house alone, and was pretty apprehensive about this post trip week.  I've realized it really helps that the kids truly do love each other. Their camaraderie keeps me sane, since they generally like to be with each other, and occasionally go as far as to entertain one another for a few minutes. Even if Rori did tell me yesterday she wished Judah wasn't a boy anymore so that he would quit doing things she didn't like. She later clarified she had meant baby not boy, and I just told her they're pretty much the same thing. 

This is Brian's first and only trip for December, and I'm so, so thankful. He may have had more trips planned hoping to surpass all his boss's expectations, and then he decided he'd rather surpass all his wife's measures of greatness. He's such a smart man.

But also, advent alone with the kids is hardly manageable. We have a large, beautiful book for advent that happens to weigh as much as Judah. It's so big we have a stand for it. And we already had a nice little incident where Rori tried to grab the book, and instead it toppled down on her and gave her a pretty nice cut on her thumb. She's been milking that one pretty nicely

. Needless to say, the candles are waiting until Brian gets home to be included in our advent tradition this year.

But yes, at least the children love each other. 

And I'm going to spend my last night of solo duty reveling in my new found love for Rori's water colors.

And if you've coveted those beautiful hand lettered prints floating around the internet, but didn't know where to get them - let me be your best friend and redirect you away from my measly water colors.

A friend of mine just opened up her Etsy shop, Letters from Kara, and she does amazing work. I'm fairly confident she'd even take on some custom orders if you have something in mind. 

Happy shopping.

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