November 17, 2014

Skipping out but checking in

In case you have had no idea what I've been blogging about these last two weeks:

It's a photo a day list where each day you take a picture that relates to the word or phrase for that day.
I decided to play along on Instagram, and then decided to blog about it as well - because why not if I already took pictures. 

Well, it's turned out a bit more challenging and boring than I had hoped. Really, it has turned into just a bunch of days of crappy blog posts.

For instance - Day 17: cooking

I don't really care to show you what I cooked today. Instead I wish it was yesterday's word because I made gluten free pizza and brownies and they were both perfect - yesterday. Also, I'm not really the recipe posting type - never have and probably never will. Although I find it extremely helpful when other people there's potential.

So, I hope that explains what the heck I've even been posting about. Also, sorry if you've tried to comment and can't. I don't know what's happening with the comments - a few kind people have told me they aren't working. I'd like to say I'm trying to get it fixed, but I have no idea where to start other than to allow comments - and that I did.

Unrelated to cooking (but related to dinner)...

Tonight while we were eating, Rori, out of the blue, announced that we would miss her if she died. Brian and I burst out laughing sat and wide-eyed stared at each other as I very nonchalantly asked her what it means to die. She told me she didn't know the words to tell me what it means and didn't want to talk about it anymore. 
OK...strange child.......

Also, while chatting with my dad tonight I affirmed that he indeed, does not read this blog and thinks it's an outlet for all my thoughts Brian doesn't want to hear. He also thinks blogging is a terrible idea, and as the conversation unraveled I felt more and more like he should star on his own little blog. He hated the idea and responded with an elaborately cynical explanation as to why he would never do that.
And I said - Yes, that. Write exactly that.

But since I'm not him and can't entertain you well with my cynicism, I'll say good night.

And Brian does hear my thoughts - all my very cynical ones.
(And by cynical, I don't mean critical. It's a fine line.)
Good night.

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  1. I am thankful you blog. I am thankful for 8am photos of your life. I am thankful that you Do Motherhood and Wifehood and Sisterhood for my family. I am mostly thankful that you are cynical, and not critical, of Creation.... and art and family and food and beauty and November fmsphotoaday challenges. <3