November 6, 2014

Quips a la Rori: Made me Smile Today

Day Six: Made Me Smile Today

Without fail, Rori had me smiling today with her quick wit and naive charm. Not all these quotes are from today, but a good 2 or 3 were. 

"I DON'T like myself. I don't like myself at all!"
(referring to her sticky self after 32 seconds of eating a sucker.)

"Use your WORDS, Judah. Use your WORDS."
(Said to a crying Judah who had just hit his head.)

"I don't know what's happening today! I just don't know why I keep falling."
(After her third time falling off her chair.)
It's called the wiggles, little girl. It's called THE WIGGLES.

"You're doing a great job doing that all by yourself!"
(Me - flipping pancakes)

"No, we DON'T do that. Because we have to say sorry 
when we do that and get in people's way."
(After I told her it was important to "walk in God's way")

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