November 12, 2014

On Veteran's Day

Day Eleven: A set

When Brian was commissioned into the Air Force I promised him a set of cuff links. I had looked high and low for them before his commissioning but never found the right ones. 

I'm pretty sure he just ended up buying this pair out of necessity a few months later. I remember a vague conversation about him wanting this set and me giving up my hope of getting him the vintage pair I had looked for.

I had actually forgotten about the cuff links altogether until he left them sitting out after a work event this summer. I saw them sitting there and it was like a glimpse of a different life that could have been came flashing back. A life we both enjoyed, and a dream he truly was living. 

Today' isVeteran's Day, and I often feel a loss at what to say. I know deep down he'd rather not be a veteran - not in the sense of it being something of his past. Something that no longer is. How do you congratulate someone on a day that recognizes something they don't want to be?

I can't say I've figured that one out. But I'm still proud of him. Proud that he was in the military. Proud of all he did while he was there. Proud that he still is so passionate about serving his country - no matter what that looks like. Proud that he sacrificed a lot for the military - even if those sacrifices looked different than most.  

I'm still proud.
 And finding that set of cuff links sitting out reminded me of that. 

So Happy Veteran's Day, Babe. 
You worked hard for it, and that's worth recognizing.

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  1. Veteran's day must have left a confusing mark on your heart, Kelly. It's sad that the celebrated day can bring up a hurtful past to you, although I'm sure it also makes you very proud of Brian and his honorable accomplishments as a veteran. In any case, the cufflinks look amazing. I'm sure he loved those. Thanks for sharing that! All the best! :)

    Victoria Pierce @ Fight 4 Vets