November 11, 2014

I Do This Every Day...

Day Ten: I Do This Every Day

Motherhood. I do motherhood every day. 

And some days I'm great at it, and some days I'm not. 

Some days Rori takes her shirt off in the middle of the store, and Judah soaks through his diaper and his pants, and the elderly lady in the parking lot rolls down her window to tell me she remembers those days. She tells me I'm brave. 

And in those same days, someone comes along and asks me if it's worth it. If I enjoy it over all the chaos and the messes. Because mom's sure seem to complain all the time, and more bad things are said than good. And can you really find more joy in your children than hardship...

And I think of the elderly woman and the young girl alike, how they both watch me fumble through my every day of being a mom. How every encounter seems to be an evaluation of how I'm doing - sometimes great and sometimes not. 
How motherhood isn't just a marathon of child rearing, but also a maze of navigating the masses. 

Today I thanked the elderly woman for her words, and I told the younger one, "Yes." 
Yes, it's absolutely worth it.

Because you don't get rainbows without rainy days. And you don't get to see the stars until it's dark.
And you can't miss these days when you're 72 if you never had them to begin with.

So every day I do this.
 I do motherhood.
Knowing that every day makes up a lifetime, 
not only for me, 
but for my sweet little children. 

My sweet little children who make me brave, 
who make me find joy in hardship,
who make me laugh at mishaps,
and who make my life absolute bliss.

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