November 13, 2014

Day Thirteen: Letters

  It's day thirteen of this Instagram challenge, and I've got nothing. Nothing to say about letters. Except that they make up words, and words make up this post, so it counts.

  Brian's been gone this week, and the kids fortuitously came down with colds. Both of them were up alternately throughout the night last night with a few pleasant moments of all three of us in bed together. I put them to bed an hour early tonight, and the only reason I'm still awake is because I'm cringing at the thought of a repeat. They've already started to whimper here and there andIknowit'scoming....  And I'd rather stay up zoning out on the interwebs than beautifully drifting off to sleep only to be woken by a crying babe ten short minutes in. Logic is my strong suit.

   Making the night extra fabulous is the incoming stream of photos letting me know how fabulous a time Brian is having tonight.

 Thanks, Trent. I'm outing you. 
And you probably didn't even know I had a blog.

Hope you two enjoyed the Ferrris Wheel. ;)



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