November 7, 2014

Day Seven: On the Floor

 Day Seven: On the Floor

Or my version: From the cutting room floor 
(which I realize is a phrase meant for film, but we're rolling with it.)

Really, I've just wanted to get it out there to friends and family that I have a coupon code set up in my Etsy shop, FRIENDSANDFAM, and it'll give you 20% off your purchase.  I had raised my prices a while back so I would be able to have my items in other shops and do wholesale collaborations. My previous prices were too low to afford such things, and I realized I would be missing out on a lot of opportunities if I didn't raise them. So the coupon code is a treat for friends and family who enjoy my work. Use it all you want. I wasn't sure how to get the word out there, and then I figured if you're reading my blog, you're probably family or count as a friend. 

Also, if you want a real deal wait around for Black Friday weekend. 

Just saying.

In the words of  Brian - I'm the worst sales person ever.

So now that that's out there, here's a look into my unromantic and incredibly realistic "studio".  

Welcome to my kitchen table.

Etsy encourages you to create an entire profile on your work space, and I tried. 
There just was no way to make a kitchen table look appealing or inspiring.

I actually work a lot in the garage as well. 
We converted Rori's old changing table into a nice little and cramped work table. 
Still not really glamorous enough for a profile on Etsy. 

Brian actually has been wanting to build me a long table in the garage for some time now. 
There's some part of me that still likes the makeshift space, and the other part of me is too practical to want to build something like that in a rental. 

But maybe. 

Those pieces above will be going up around Thanksgiving - hopefully along with a few other fun things. 

And before I bore you tooooooo much, 
I'll say good bye. 

From the cutting room floor, folks!


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