November 16, 2014

Day 16: After

It's a bit early on the calendar for us to be putting Christmas decorations up, but I'm a chronically slow decorator. And with Thanksgiving being late and Brian's traveling schedule, it just made sense to break it all out and have some family fun. 

Decorating for Christmas was one of my favorite family traditions, and I aim to make some fond memories of it for our kids. 

So with hot chocolate, brownies, Christmas music, and this year's ornament picks, we made an afternoon of it. 

Rori's choice in an ornament this year tells me she has a theme going. Her little tree is going to look spectacular in a few years. I hope she approves of her choices when she's 27 and I send all her ornaments packing to her own little home.

Judah didn't care to much for the Christmas tree decorating. He did a phenomenal job chewing on his air plane ornament and dragging his little blanket around. 

I pushed, and pushed to name him Linus before he was born. And now his little blanket drag just furthers my case, and furthers Brian's case that he didn't/doesn't want our son being associated with a wimpy character. Whatever. I'm still holding out hope to use it in the future. 
And Charlie Brown was on our TV playlist for after our festivities. Judah was clearly hooked.

And now here I am - after. After the chaos and crumbs, enjoying the tree and the lights - that's about all that made it's way up. I wasn't kidding about the chronically slow part. Nonetheless, we've jumped in and are officially gearing up for another holiday season. 

It really is the best time of the year. 


  1. I got my boxes out this morning too - but I'm not going to put stuff up until Thanksgiving night I guess. I get all of our kids an ornament every year and write the date on the back too - I have four little boxes now and I'm pretty sure that by the time they are all teenagers I'm going to need an entire shed just for their Christmas stuff. I didn't go up with that tradition but one of my friends moms did that and so I adopted it :)

    1. I actually think I might have gotten the idea from you, Alyssa! I don't think I grew up with the tradition either, but we always had a few ornaments that were "ours" and had our names on them.
      Can't wait to see your Christmas decorating post up on the blog. ;)