November 5, 2014

Can't Live Without

   I'm the worst at dictated things. I hate being confined to writing or talking or answering one specific thing like - Day Four: What can't you live without?

   This photo a day thing was a terrible idea. And somehow thinking it would go great with blog posts was an even worse one. Sorry if November is whine-about-the-photo-of-the-day month.

   My Instagram today suggested I can't live without my coffee and a decent side of sugar. It's not entirely true, but it made an easy picture and Instagram is for fun not philosophy. But seriously, I read today's challenge, over thought it, balked, and then just snapped a picture of some coffee beans and called it good. I mean...who ever said social media had to be true?


  but seriously....

 BUT SERIOUSLY. I guarantee no one was interested in my whirlwind brain going  "hhhmmm... what can't I live without?" as I picture each scenario and decide whether it was livable or not.

 Guess what - it always was.

   So, all in all, I couldn't really answer the question, and I wasn't going to state the obvious like "oxygen" because - smart aleck.

  So coffee it was. And coffee it is because I still couldn't and can't come up with anything better to write about for this self-assigned blog post.


 Better things tomorrow - lo prometo.



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