November 3, 2014

A photo a day

October's blogging was pitiful and I'm sorry. I had high hopes for November when I committed to posting a photo a day on Instagram and thought it would be great to just make it a post a day on the blog as well. It's Day Three and I'm winning - clearly.

For record's sake Day One was


Brian's dad happened to be in town and we took the kids to a pumpkin patch. First trip this fall - we rock on being on top of things. The place was closing for the season the next day. 


We found plenty of blue and managed to have a stellar time.

 We taught the kids the ways-of-old amid the fun. I'm sure they felt so educated by the time we left. And hungry - we were about an hour past lunch and into nap time by the time we left. If we're going to do it, we're going to do it right.

And right before we scampered off to lunch we graciously let Rori pick out a pumpkin - also the first of the season for us.
Terrible. Yes, terrible.

Her measure of a good pumpkin was one she could pick up, which was none of them, so I readily agreed to help the process along.

That wasn't even the one. We just stopped taking pictures after this joyous moment. 

After Rori decided the choices were too overwhelming we opted to pick one off the shelf in the store. Easy peasy. 

That was day one: Blue

Day Two was: I saw this!

Which was nothing, I saw nothing interesting on Sunday and skipped Instragram and blogging altogether.

Lame, but I believe in staying true.

Which brings us to today - Day Three, which was "weather" - incredibly boring. And now I'm regretting this whole photo a day gig. 

Today was gray and windy and we chose not to go outside.

Welcome back to the blog.

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