November 5, 2014

8 o'clock

 Daylight Savings has changed up what 8 o'clock looks like around here. 

The last three days we've been found finishing up breakfast.  After which Rori heads off to bed because her internal clock still hasn't quite figured things out.

We have the regular occurrence of her changing her mind of what she wants to wear. After her morning cat nap she comes out sans clothing and asks for something different. She's become a true woman and decided sweatpants are a much better pick than jeans.  "Soft pants and comfy cozy clothes" as she says.

Judah generally goes with the flow and allows me to enjoy a cup of coffee or two. I start every morning by pressing play on Pandora, lighting a candle, and pouring a cup o' joe because I believe in starting every day on the right foot. 

And we don't always get there. Today had it's share of crying and extra hugs.
But that's allowed too.

' And that's our eight o'clock.

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  1. I'm pretty much loathing the fact that it's pitch black at 6 pm - just sayin.