October 6, 2014

As the seasons change

  It's always the changing of seasons that remind me of this land of luxury we live in. It very easily becomes too much. In a world where a roof, good health and clean water are longed for by many, I sometimes feel it's irrelevant to think about things like table centerpieces, decorating our bathrooms, dawning a wreath for every holiday, or changing out our duvet to better match the season. To think about fall wardrobes and new clothes and better recipes. The excess is never ending, and I struggle to know how to navigate through it.

   On the other hand, being a wife and mother, I've very much come to value having the presence of a home. I want to be surrounded by things I love, things that seem peaceful, and spaces that are welcoming. And I want those things for our family. I want clothes for our kids that are enough - warm enough, comfortable enough, and respectful to who they are. And I want my own image to be one that honors Brian and makes him proud to have me as his wife.  I want our home and family to be warm and welcoming. I don't want to be a family that is lacking or makes other uncomfortable or ill at ease. And while character, fun, and family culture have a lot to with that, I realize aesthetics also play a part. 

  Mediating these two trains of thoughts is something that constantly plagues me. I'd like to think they balance out and help keep each other in check. That I'm able to strive to create a comfortable home, but also not run so far as to err on the side of vanity. I hope I play my cards in a way that is honoring both to my family and to the many, many families who find themselves in devastating need. 

   I hung this quote up in our living room not too long ago. I think it captures perfectly what I want my perspective to be as I find myself navigating the murky waters of "enough".  It reminds me to see every day things as an opportunity to create and express myself rather than feel there is a standard I should be striving for. It reminds me to do things well and find beauty in mundane things like grocery shopping and cooking. And it inspires me to cultivate talents that are lacking - like how I talk or the direction I take my personality. It reminds me that God is a creator, and has given us life on this earth and an immense ability to create. And that is good. But it's only good when I do it as someone who is reflecting His image instead of building my own. 



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