September 27, 2014

One More Turn on the Merry-Go-Round

So, I turned 27 yesterday. Rori and I made a cake, and then Brian bought cupcakes, and now I have all the cake/sweet treats I need to thoroughly enjoy my coffee for the next week.This is going to sound so ridiculous - but I've been waiting for 27 for a while. I feel like it moves me into "more legit adult" status. Probably lame and not true, but that's the way it is in my mind's eye. And that how it's going to stay.

I also have high hopes for twenty-seven. There's the obvious one - Of Thistle and Thyme . I don't know if that's a hope as much as it's just something I enjoy, and something I enjoy working towards. Either way, I like it, and I hope I'm able to build on it this next year. 

It goes without saying that I hope to work on being a better mother and a better wife. And I don't say that in the down-and-out sort of way. Families grow, relationships evolve, and I want to up my game in the "being" sense of my humanity. Who you are matters, and I've been taking that to heart when it comes to the kind of mom and wife I am. 

And then there's this project that's been eating away my mind. I posted this excerpt, paragraph...whatever you want to call it about a week ago. And it wasn't in context, and it didn't have a background, so I posted it and left it as it was. It was an excerpt from a book I'm working on - which sounds ridiculous as I type it and is the reason I didn't say the source in the first place. Who am I to write a book? No one. Absolutely no one. I'd probably be the first person to tell you there are way too many people in the world who think they needed to write a book. And I'll probably be the first person to blatantly tell you that most of the books out there just should never have been written. I'm that critical, cynical, and probably just plain mean. Regardless, I've slowly been typing it out here and there, and it seems my life long bout of insomnia has phased itself back into my life, which will serve this purpose well. I'm going to really start doing the book justice and actually committing time to it,

So. twenty-seven, for whatever reason, I've decided to give you all I've got.

And I hope I say the same about twenty-eight. Life is short my friends.


  1. I'll buy your book - tell me when it's published. I'm there!

  2. Well, thank you, Laura! I'm honored you would say that!!