September 2, 2014

Hello, September

  A rainy morning, a teething and finally sleeping Judah, and Rori happily smashing playdough into her clean clothes - perfect blog writing moment. First sentence already interrupted by a potty break - no promises.

  I'm sure no one noticed, but I'm only 20 days late on Judah's monthly picture. I missed one of Rori's monthly pictures back in the day, so, I'm just trying to be fair. And all that to say, I haven't written here because my guilt of not taking that picture plagued me since I couldn't really just skip over it. But now I'm 20 days late and there's no recovering from that really. So here I go...

  Brian and I knew August was going to be our busiest month, and sure enough it flew by in a blur. Hello, September. We have no school calender affecting our lives, but there's still something comforting about fall coming back around and feeling like life will settle back into a somewhat predictable routine.

  And I feel rested and ready for that routine to pick back up (aka Brian's traveling schedule). August was full of  non-mom life redeeming moments that brightened up my outlook a little - or a lot. Scroll on down and you can read a spammy account of my trip to The Hundred Event. (You know you wanted to click on all those external links.) And not long after that trip Brian put me on a plane to Idaho to see a life long friend. So good for the soul.

After 23 years of friendship and two years of not seeing each other we couldn't afford to spend time on things like focusing the camera. This is the best we could do. Just know we spent three days doing nothing but drinking coffee and talking. And I was spoiled by Tammi's incredible hostess skills that I wouldn't be able to mimic with a ten foot pole. So jealous.

And we met each other's beautiful babies for the first time ever. 

More importantly our beautiful babies met each other for the first time ever. I give it 20 years and they'll be head over heals for one another. 

Another childhood friend happened to live in the area and came to grace us with her presence. Along with Tammi's hostessing talents I found myself envying Abby's mothering skills. She's the kind of mother who is graceful and kind and no one would dare question her on anything because she's a pure natural. Jealous again. 

 We figured out we hadn't seen each other in 10 years -  crazy cakes, and semi unbelievable because we picked up right where we had left off. I was so sad Rori had to miss it. She and the lovely little Aesy were born three days apart, and I'm pretty sure they would be best friends had they met. 

I had taken my "Question of the Day" journal along and faithfully forgot to write in it the entire time with the exception of the first day: 

Question: Who's team are you on? 
Answer: Team Miller

Somethings in life happen and seem so perfectly planned - like my trip. And other things happen and seem so unperfectly planned - like leukemia. Coach has been a second father to me for as long as I can remember, and the opportunity to see him beyond the email updates was healing to my heart. I told him we had soccer games planned for the afternoon and since we only had 3 players he wasn't allowed to miss it. No pain no gain - only quoting what I heard him say my entire life. I assured him he'd still be kicking my butt second round of chemo and all. 

I hope September shows him a lot more kindness than August did. Our prayers are with you, Coach. 

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  1. Anonymous8.9.14

    <3 Made me cry and miss you so! <3 Love you!! - Tam