September 17, 2014

Anniversary Numero 4

 This morning my coffee sat in it's cup 40 minutes before I was able to grab a sip, The toddler was crying that her morning show wasn't working, and I didn't have a clue what the baby wanted, but it wasn't breakfast, it wasn't his bottle and it wasn't a diaper change. I'd say the scene has changed a bit from the version of myself that was getting her hair and makeup done and counting down the minutes to what would be her wedding.

 But I would choose to be here, four years down the road, crying kids and all a million times over. Maybe have Brian be home to complete the picture. But the joys of a growing family and a growing marriage warm my heart so much more than being a bride on my wedding day did.

 I'll leave you with this post because I wish I had written it today rather than five months ago.

 Happy four years, Brian - because it truly has been a happy four years.

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