August 13, 2014

The Hundred Event

   So..... I went to The Hundred Event this past weekend, and gosh, I don't even know where to start. I went in having no real expectations because - I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I knew I could use a lot of direction and help when it came to Of Thistle and Thyme, and something just drew me in. So I went.

And it was incredible.

So, so far beyond what I could have imagined - had I imagined anything. Every single aspect of the event was so well thought out, so well executed, and so well received.

   I was welcomed into my room by the most beautiful Love Ophelia robe (still haven't taken it off) and by the lovely Nell, who was my roommate for the weekend.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Nell, learning her thoughts on whole parenting, and hearing about her life as an attorney turned stay at home mom/blogger. She welcomed me into her group of blogger friends, and I now I have so many more blogs I must read - like KateBrittKatrinaKatie, and Olivia. To name a few.

Talking to Kate from The Rhodes Log. 
   While the conference was geared towards bloggers, it also was created with small online business owners and writers in mind. I wouldn't say I was out of my league in terms of where I'm at with Of Thistle & Thyme because the sessions were perfectly set up for beginners, but I was definitely out of my league in terms of my thoughts towards my own business. I started it as a means to stay sane while Brian travels, and that's about where my goals ended. Sanity.

  But as I sat through session after session, I found myself surrounded by women who really wanted to make things happen, women who had visions they wanted to achieve, and women who had a lot of confidence in what they were doing. And it was a bit contagious. We heard from the talented minds behind Pulp Design and Lily Jade , both who were self-started businesses who offered a lot of insightful advice and strategies on how to go about growing your business. By the end of the weekend I found myself really wanting to give this little shop of mine everything I've got. Who knows, maybe one day I'll get my wall hangings into Bungalow Magazine - it might be on my new goals list, and hey, I can dream....

  Beyond learning and inspiration, we had a ton of fun. There were cocktail parties, brunch at the beautiful Aldredge House , generous giveaways (I won a throw from Peacock Alley! And they'll be giving me one to giveaway - keep your eyes peeled) and good conversation. The main sponsor of the weekend was Joules, a Brittish brand that is making it's way to the US. I LOVE their spunk, and their clothes are pretty awesome as well. If nothing else I learned by their example that if my business takes off, I want to be generous with it. Not only did Joules provide a luxurious weekend, but they sent us away with one of their bags and will be mailing every attendee our very own pair of Welly rain boots!

  It truly was a great weekend, and if any of you are wanting to head your blog or online business in a bigger direction be sure to check out The Hundred next year (fingers crossed it will be happening again). So very worth your money and time, not to mention, who doesn't want to be pampered for an entire weekend?! Not only did I leave with gifts from Minted, Minnetonka, Bungalo Magazine and Joules, but I left with a new confidence in my own business; new friends in the blogosphere; and a few blog giveaways in the works for Of Thistle and Thyme. I got so much more out of this weekend than I could have imagined. 

  A many, many thanks to the lovely hosts:

    All talented bloggers, all beautiful women, and all incredibly gracious hosts. These women thought through every detail and made the weekend come together beautifully. It was such a honor to meet them and be a part of their first Hundred Event. 

The photos are courtesy of Awake Photography.  Want to hear about the weekend in more glorious detail?  Head over to Camp Patton  to get the scoop from all the real bloggers!


  1. Kelly, it was so nice to meet you. Thanks for taking the chance on coming to The Hundred. It was SO nice to meet you and share in this special time together!!! xo

    1. So incredibly glad I came! It was great meeting you as well, and I'll just consider your little comment here my claim to fame ;). Looking forward to following you via the blog!

  2. Love your wall hangings, Kelly! Looking forward to placing them in one of our projects.

    1. Oh my, Katy!! I would LOVE that and be honored! Loved meeting you this weekend!

  3. How lovely...I wanna go!!!! You looked gorgeous bts

    1. Alyssa, it's a must! But I would have to go again just to see you :)