July 21, 2014

The Color of Friendship

I feel a perfect storm coming on tomorrow. One too many cups of coffee were found in my hand today, and I'm the worse for it.  I went to bed a while ago, had a great conversation with Brian - the occasional sleep talker, and somewhere along the clock watching, I realized my coffee intake had outdone my water intake. So up and out of bed it was.

The problem is that Mondays mornings are always my early ones. I'm up and out the door before the coffee shops open to meet up with some great gals. We meet once a week - and don't have coffee because....well, no coffee shops are open - but we do enjoy each other and the conversation.  It's always worth it. I'm not sure missing out on sleep the night before is worth it - making all those cups of coffee really not worth it.

But we shouldn't worry about tomorrow, right?

 So instead, let me tell you a story about Rori who got a book about a Princess Rori, and now no other story may be read in our household. Story Rori. Rori's story. Rori. Story. Couldn't resist.....

My older brother Don, when he isn't out saving the world from fires, enjoys writing the occasional children's book. He started on one for Rori a while back, and it arrived just in time to be read all weekend long. It took her two pages in to figure out she was the main character, and she was sold. She requests it be read about every other minute; I don't blame her because Don did a pretty phenomenal job.

For instance - he DREW that castle. And that's only the first page. Rori is obsessed with trying to get inside the pictures. Goes the whole nine yards and plants her feet on a picture and then complains she doesn't fit. Her favorite page happens to be where I make my appearance. I was proud until she told me she "really wants to meet her other momma" because "those are her parents too". THANKS, bro....

But in all seriousness - Thank you. It's an awesome book, and one that Rori will treasure for a life time. 

To the rest of you - GO check it out. 

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