July 16, 2014

Summer, and Witches, and Flea Market Buys

   I won't be missing around here forever. Promise. Consider us off on summer vacation; or just be content knowing all my blogging energy is being channeled towards being a good mother. When stamina is sparse I opt for a third cup of coffee, pray 5 o clock comes quickly, and choose not to blog. Today I just opted for two out of the three.

  Somehow it's July 16th and I'm feeling like summer is just starting. We've had a few vacation-y days, and snapped one whole picture to show for it. 

I wish we had snapped a few more because I met this lady (minus the mean caption)
on a search for a certain essential oil, and I about lost my cool. It's a good thing I already knew what I wanted because I was so caught up on her being the witch from The Sword and the Stone that I missed every word she said. In retrospect it probably would have been rude to snap a picture... but she even had the green eyes... and she ran an herbery....

...moving on...


Summer is here with our blow up pool and fire pit - we're two weeks in to using both of them which is probably why I feel like summer is just beginning.  Rori is obsessed with our little blow up pool that turned out to be enormous. 

She asks everyone she meets if they have a pool and then informs them that we have one and it's-so-much-fun. Bragging is definitely in her skill set. Talking really fast is also a skill set of hers, so people generally have no idea what she's saying. It all evens out. 

The rest of these past summer weeks have been mostly farmers market and flea market adventures. On one such trip I acquired this fine piece:

It falls a little too far - maybe completely too far - into the New Age/Astrology category for me. I'm 100% not knowledgeable in either.  But I still really liked it and obviously bought it. It's up on our mantel and I rethink it just about every time I see it. I'm hoping to blend it into a wall collage one day where it'll add an unnoticed touch of oddness. Thoughts? Is it weird? Brian wouldn't tell me. He just gave me the, "'if you like it, then get it' nice husband phrase".

And now that I just blogged about essential oils, herbery witchery, and astrology wall art, I feel the delete button coming on. My life falls into none of those categories.

And I'm off - off to be a good mother again.  Or at least try...

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