July 10, 2014

One year down

This week is the one year mark of our move to Arkansas. We celebrated by breaking in the fire pit Brian built in our back yard - a nod to stability and a certainty that we'll be sticking around this rental for a while longer. Brian lit his best cigar,  I roasted marshmallows, and we let the soundtracks from our last 4 years bring back memories. 

We couldn't remember what all we did in that first year before Rori came, but we both agreed we missed San Antonio. Reality is we probably just miss the ease of living life naively. Although naive got us our first apartment where it felt like we were calling the cops every other week - I don't find myself missing that so much. 

Deep down there's part of us that wishes we had been able to find a life in Detroit and buy a house there. It's a rock un-turned and one we'll probably always wonder about. 

And then there's this little place in Arkansas - completely off our radar, and yet the place we find ourselves settling down in for another year. It's small and quaint, and I find myself wanting to stay more and more - a far cry from the feelings I had a year ago when my plane touched down in that hay field. Time always does tell...

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