June 12, 2014

Updating Judah

This boy. 
He's got it going on. 

   I could write pages on how this little guy steals my breath and fills my heart, and you'd wonder how it all could be true of an eight month old. Maybe it's just that I get to watch his budding personality in it's purest form, and it's as if I can see that handsome, kind young man deep inside. That young man he'll be some day, or maybe the young man I hope he'll be some day. I watch him now, and hope and pray his journey to adulthood is enough to make him a person of character and yet not too much as to ruin the pureness of the person I see now. I get why some mother's just want to hold their babies forever. There's something beautiful about their innocence, their untainted love, their fearless joy. If only it all could last. If only life weren't so harsh and sin weren't so strong. May God be with you, Little Man. May He be with you wherever you go.

And for tradition's sake:

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