June 24, 2014

To Brain Lapses

Via Pinterest as the original link was lost in cyper space.

 I had a temporary brain lapse this morning and signed up for a social media conference.  Before I was smart enough to stop and think about it for a minute, I had registered and paid and committed. No refunds.

 I had sent the conference to Brian on a whim - just because. It was in Dallas and in August, and we can dream right?  He took two minutes to respond with a, "let's make a family weekend out of it" and suddenly I was all signed up with no take backs. I had all day to think about it, and by the time he walked in the door I had a million reasons why it was a horrible decision. But....like the confirmation page said - no refunds.
  In another world I would be jumping at this opportunity. But it's just glaringly obvious I spend the majority of my days inside four walls with a two year old and a giant eight month old. If I could seemingly step out my door and turn into a regular adult sans the fragmented baby brain - I'd be all game. But my mind is pretty fixed these days on making sure Rori doesn't spill her "potty" contents all over the bathroom and  making sure Judah doesn't let the spiders in his hand actually get to his mouth. 

I get excited about things like getting the laundry started and then walk into my room as Judah's hysterically laughing and throwing clothes out of my drawer. And immediately after finds dead spiders to eat. 

And while I make my best attempt to instill a little more fear into the guy, Rori sits at the opposite end of emotional deficiency and still won't use a particular bathroom because I killed a (different) spider in there three days ago. I wish she understood death a little bit better in this scenario. 

 She also considers flies and spiders as equals and therefore finds it very difficult to live in our Arkansas home. This particular face was conjured up because I made her eat lunch at her table where a FRUIT fly was occasionally buzzing around. I caught her running around in circles TWICE with ceramic plate in hand, trying to get away from him. I'm still trying to figure out how her fear factor made it through swimming lessons...

  Anyway, all that to say... I feel so incredibly well equipped to socialize with talented women over brunch and cocktails - because babies and spilled milk are pretty much the same thing......and talking to other adults is probably a lot like the conversations I have with myself in my head during nap time....

  Or not.  Not really at all. And I'm completely justified in thinking this whole conference thing should have been thought over a little bit better.

  But deep, deep down I am excited, and thankfully have a bit more time to gear up for a non-baby/actual adult event.


  1. I'm excited for you!! There are LOTS of women like you who feel like they don't know how to interact with other adults anymore. You will not be alone, I'm sure! I hope you love it and make new friends. Also, your blog posts recently have been so stellar. You are such a good writer, Kelly!

  2. Thanks, Erin! I really am excited to go! Too bad it isn't in Chicago. ;)

  3. Can't wait to hear about your experience there. I shall live vicariously through your brave brave self.

  4. Sorry I couldn't go with you! I'll be waiting for you to fill me in! :)

  5. You will be missed, Elizabeth!! Maybe we can get in on another conference together sometime! Enjoy the wedding!