June 4, 2014

May, May went away....

Hello long lost, friend. I just checked and May had a grand total of 4 blog posts and one draft that never made the cut. In terms of news, May probably will have been the highlight of this year, and I should have been posting every single day. I'd like to think I was just too busy enjoying all the excitement... excitement I captured in all it's flawed glory via the camera phone. You are welcome.

Before I begin my disclaimer will be that I hate, hate, hate being a lister of "things we did", and playing catch up is the worst, but I just can't let it all go, so be obliging and let me catch you up. Hopefully it will be more faithful blogging from here on out.

First off: Iyla Rose - my sweet niece who was welcomed into our family the ninth of this month, and I had the privilege of meeting her when she was a mere 2 hours old.

She's stolen my heart already, and I'm so, so thankful her parents live close. So many good times to come, my dear girl. 

Second up: Graduations - we had a lot of them in the fam. Which meant trips, and traveling, and family, and fun, and craziness.

Brian's brother, Christopher, graduate from law school in California - I missed that trip and tried my best to steal a photo, but no could do. Brian made it out to celebrate with the family though, and the kids and I caught up two weeks later in D.C. to join in on more celebrating (Wasn't really up for flying the kids to opposite coasts within a two weeks span).

 Brian's sister graduated with her masters in nursing, and I won't pretend I know the whole title. It's impressive, we can leave it at that. And amid all the celebrating, Christopher got wind he had passed the bar, so more champagne it was. 

A week later I took a short trip to Michigan for the last of the Granger clan's high school graduations. 

My baby brother, Josiah. 

Me protesting the family picture because....AHEM...we were missing THE GRADUATE - not to mention other family members.

They made me give in. 

In between D.C. and Michigan I took a brief moment to open up an Etsy shop.

I've been making something along the line of these:

I opened up the shop about a week and half ago, and was cruising along with 200 views until the end of the month hit. Every day since it's looked something like zero, zero, zero views and lots of "Place an ad on Etsy for $140 a month." I'm onto you Etsy....and no will do.

And that about wraps up May. 

We're onto June - swimming lessons, and travels, and crawling, and heat like none other. It's gonna be fun.



  1. Oh, Kelly. Those plaques kick so much butt! Beautiful. Look for a place on our walls as we speak!

  2. Thanks, Carrie! I love making them - makes the long days that Brian travels seem shorter.