June 17, 2014

Health, Wealth, and Happiness

  We're skipping out on swimming lessons this morning - much like I've been skipping out on this blog and life altogether. I'm pretty sure gluten has been floating around in the air just waiting for me to inhale it. I don't like thinking of myself as being "sickly", but that about sums it up these days. Sickly it is - and it ain't no fun. Celiac is going to be the death of me - hopefully more figuratively than literally. But seriously, it's terrible. I'm starting to become a collection of wispy bones that would blow away if I were to step outside on a windy day. And Mothers - I'm being melodramatic - no worries, please. :)
   In other news - I have two little loves that are growing up way too fast. And I know I say that way too often, but really, look at this boy:

 I'm so, so sad he's not really a little baby any  more, and so, so not ready to have another baby right now. Dilemmas.

  His big sis has been soaking up every new thing on the face of this planet. Her latest obsession has been making sure I'm safe from any possible type of harm lest something happen and she "won't have a momma anymore." ummmm..........what

 It's always semi-absurd things like, "Don't sit on the tub! Then you will get wet, and then I won't have a momma anymore." She claims I told her that, and I assure her that, no, I did not.  Crazy cakes.  

  In all the spare time I own between the bad health and cute kids, I've been working on setting up the Etsy shop. Brian and I have had a fun time working on it together. We joined some great shops for a giveaway on Instagram this week.

If you're a lady with a little miss in your life, it's worth checking out. If you hate annoying giveaways on instagram - I understand and I'm with ya. 

Better content coming here soon - I hope.

Happy Tuesday.

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