June 9, 2014

Coffee with a side of spiders

Started this Monday morning off with a kick and a quick dip in the pool - the temperature hitting a mere 65 degrees and a blessed little rain drizzled down intermitently. Nothing says "perfect Monday morning" quite like that adventure. For someone who gets in the pool twice a summer, I think I might need to up the ante a bit in order to not forever hate bathing suits and water activities.

 Today was day one of Rori's swim lessons, and unlike her mother, she took it like a champ. In between trembling and shivers she managed an occasional declaration about how much fun she was having. Great news for me, since I was slightly afraid tomorrow morning might look something like me dragging her out the door kicking and screaming. And for the record, I put on a beautiful front of loving our morning's choice of freezing with a side or rain - we had friends there to join in the fun, making it well worth it.

 And lucky for us, we are now enjoying the day's true downpour of rain from the indoors - coffee in hand.

And currently being filled with "spiders". 

Sometimes I don't quite understand whose child she is.

And while I'm pretending it's still 10:30 and not half past noon, and blogging and not making lunch, Brian is rushing about in the rain to secure a dresser we've waited a good year to get.

 Remember this beauty? She's still here, has been all along. And nope - those drawers never did close. I don't like buying things I don't love, and so we've waited and waited - and waited - to no avail. It finally became apparent that I just needed to give in and get something. The growing pile of clothes at the end of our bed isn't cutting it, and the summer clothes coming out just made it worse. I'm pretty sure it took Brian two seconds to get out the door when I told him to just go get a replacement. He wasn't about to let me change my mind. I have such a patient husband. 

  And patient husbands need kind wives - off to make that lunch I was wishing away.

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