May 2, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Blessed

  Well, it's no secret how last week went. If you missed it, scroll down a post and you'll wished you hadn't. I didn't die since then - just found myself otherwise occupied and trying real hard not to announce to the world and potential creepers that Brian was gone this week. nothing but last weeks cry fest has showed up. 

   And now it's Thursday night which means there's a link-up to be had, and I just happened to have 7 fantastic things happen this week. With last week being as grand as it was, I was biting my nails at a potentially nightmare of days flying solo. 


  God truly rained down mercy and grace upon me and made this a week of giving - and I took it all right in. 

I may have frightened family with the "losing my brain" post, because the first day of Brian's absence I got a phone call from my mother, my mother-in-law, my dear sister, and sister-in-law. It was so good to talk to all of them and feel well supported even though the distances are great. And having so many non-toddler conversations was stellar.

I also had the blessed pleasure of talking  business with a good friend from Michigan who I dearly miss and who happens to runs a great little business all her own.

She makes these:

And these:

And many, many more awesome things

Anyway, she let me pick her brain about business ventures and starting small and having boundaries, and making sure you always keep loving what you do. She's smart, and talented. and breathes encouragement wherever she goes. I was super excited about starting up a shop after talking to her, and was so, so thankful for her time and sage advice. Encouragement is always a blessing.

I took the momentum from the conversation in #2 and went to work in the garage. While I was there our neighbor, who I had never met, walked by with his dog and stopped to ask if we wanted a little girl's bike. Brand-spanken-new. His family had gotten it from their church and had been looking to gift it to someone. He knew Rori was only two but assured me it would be a blink of an eye and she'd be old enough to ride it. I fumbled over a "yes, and thank you!" and he wheeled the little beauty right on over. I would offer you all a picture, but she's already up in the attic waiting for her day to come. 

Surprising gift number four was sitting on my table when I walked into Bible study this morning. 

One of my all time favorite stories.

I started to change seats thinking someone was already sitting there, and then realized the book was neatly resting on every seat. It seems the book was also another person's favorite story and she bought the book for everyone at our table. I was stoked.  

Rori and Judah's bedtime story for life.

Unfortunately while at Bible study I mistakenly ate something I shouldn't have, and my life's plague of Celiac Disease kicked in. I left early so I could get home before I was too sick to drive. 


A dear and kind woman, knowing Brian was gone for the week, had already offered to watch the kids for the afternoon to give me a break. It couldn't have been more perfectly planned. My worst fear has always been getting gluten in my system while Brian is away. It shuts my body down like there's no tomorrow, and I often am sick and weak enough that I can't even pick up Judah. So, knowing someone was already on their way to take the kids was the biggest relief anyone could afford me. She played with the kids all afternoon while I slept.

Around five I was nursing my still throbbing headache and thinking I probably shouldn't be letting Rori watch Sesame Street and I should probably be figuring out something for dinner when the phone rang. 
The conversation went something like this:

                                                                Me: Hello?
                                                    Friend Ellen: Hey, what are you up to?
                                                                Me: Oh, you know....laying on the couch....letting Rori watch                                                                              Sesame Street.
                                                   Friend Ellen: Do you have dinner plans?
                                                                Me: Nope.
                                                    Friend Ellen: How about I pick up some gluten free pizza and swing by.
                                                                Me: Wait. Are you serious?!?!

                                                                 LONG pause

                                                     Friend Ellen: ummm... yes.
                                              Me (in my head): PLEASE be my friend forever and ever and ever....

So, maybe I don't have a specific number seven. 
Brian did tell me via phone conversation that he has a pretty awesome mother's day present planned. And the kids have behaved extra, extra nice this week. And several friends from afar were sending lots of love through the text-o-sphere. And I did get some great reading in that nourished my soul - The Knowledge of the Holy by A. W. Tozer - one of my favorites if you're looking for a good read. 

Lot's of little things that added up to be big things. The torturous days aren't always the norm - neither are the glorious days like this past week. But they sure seem able to balance each other out smoothly. 

God is good. Remember that.

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  1. When I was an LDS missionary, that book was the going home gift each of us got from our mission president. It was quite awesome. :)