May 6, 2014

Holding babies and bouncing time

It's about to hit 80 degrees on the inside of these walls, and we're going on day number ocho of Brian being gone. I can't decide if coffee or ice cream is going to be a better vehicle for getting me through the day. Of course, I'm just going to choose both. Better to have all my bases covered. 

Judah is a stone's throw from crawling. Rori and I have teamed up to be his cheerleaders, and he doesn't find it amusing. From what I gather his line of thinking runs along the lines of, "Quit with the yelling and clapping and move your ginormous feet to come pick me up."

Sorry kiddo, we all had to learn the hard way.

I thought I had a brilliant plan to help him out in the eating arena. Self-lead feeding and all that jazz. He still doesn't care too much for solids, so - why not let it be a toy?

Once again - he wasn't amused. 

But he told me I could have a fun time cleaning it up. And that I did. Highchairs are the worst.

The little lady has been having a bit harder of a time with this round of business trips.  She's cried every day since Friday wondering when her prince charming of a dad is coming home. 

So it's been a lot more holding.


A lot more cheering up.

And a lot more loving. 
And I don't mind. 

The man of the house gets back tomorrow, and we can hold off till then. I might just have champagne and a party hat on to welcome him home - and a plea to never, ever plan a trip this long again.

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  1. Champagne to greet him is always a winner. I don't think Tristan or Finn started any solids until they were 9 months old ---- thus me not having to worry about weight issues for ME since I was a constant vending machine....blah. You're doing a good job mama...husbands leaving or ANY amount of time is never easy.
    I would have ice cream WITH coffee on top :)